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There was once a man who grew up in a small town. In fact, the town was not just small but it had something of a bad reputation. People from other places often wondered if anything good could come from there. Imagine what it would be like for people to say that about the town you come from. This man was born into a humble family. His dad was a carpenter. His mom stayed at home. Maybe you can identify with that. Growing up, he saw the importance of friends. He had several who were closer to him than his own family. The closest of all of them was named John. Perhaps you have guessed that the identity of this man is not a secret. In fact, he is probably someone you've heard of before. His name is Jesus. If you join us this summer at Tri-State, you can learn more about him and more about how he wants to be your friend. Life is tough sometimes, and we all need good friends to help us get through.

Join us this summer for a week that is all about Jesus & Us.